HISTORY: Hotel del Parco, Love of a man for his land.
The Hotel del Parco was built on a hill in a country unknown to many but with a deep story? Sicilì.
Standing on the slopes of the green hills of Mount Mamino to 200 meters along the middle valley of the river Bussento. This country enjoys a mild climate that leads the visitor to stay happy in the Piazzetta of the center. Very little is known about the origins of Sicily, but it is certain that it was a town in the sixteenth century. The first inhabitants were the Sicilians and just a Sicilian shepherd was in the area, suitable for grazing, suggested to some families moving to those places. And thanks to the diligence and work of these docile, fertile in those lands, it was possible to create and develop a prosperous and cultured! In this village is born and grows, Mr. D' Andrea Vincent Francis. Buy in 1991 the hill where the structure of a dynamic family inheritance and his desire to leave something important to his daughter Patrizia while honoring the memory of the most exemplary parents, decides to start work in 1997. Work carried out with care and attention to detail by  Theodore,brother who lives there. Finally, on 06/08/2009 l' Inauguration!

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The Park Hotel is a 3 star hotel located in Sicily, 16 km from Sapri in the province of Salerno.
BY TRAIN: All trains stop at the direction of Reggio Calabria have Sapri or Policastro, respectively to 16 and 9 km from our Hotel. Book with us dispose of our shuttle service.
BY CAR: Take the Autostrada del Sole "(Salerno - Reggio Calabria) and exit for Padula Buonabitacolo. Continue on the highway take the exit for Sapri of Sicily and 1 mile on the left and then enter in Contrada Ranuzzi Hotel del Parco!
BY PLANE: From the airport of Salerno Amalfi Coast Pontecagnano us there are about 90 km


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Hotel del Parco, Albergo 3 stelle Sicili (SA)-Società Parcovalle di D'Andrea Teodoro SAS,in loc. Ranuzzo,Sicili (Salerno) cap 84030CAP. SOC. Euro 25000.00, Rea n.319560. Amministratore Unico D'Andrea Teodoro
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